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This book is a sweet, adorable story of a little dog trying to discover her perfect name as she travels to a far-away land.  In this beautiful, hard-bound children's book, the outcomes of her adventures result in a mighty presence, a surprisingly bold request, and a victorious ending.  Our little adventurer becomes the "Beastie" and that so pleased the Queen.

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Authored by Keri Atchley, Illustrated by Anna Cywinska
Ages 3 - 12 (but really, for ALL ages!)

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"If you know me, my family, or if you know the 'Beast' herself, you will love this story.

The REAL story is that I never wanted a "little dog".  The smallest dog I ever had was 60 lbs.  Little dogs simply did not fit our lifestyle or family. 

But she, the "Beast",  stumbled into my world after an impulse need to send my husband to Home Depot one evening.  What he returned with reminded me of a "Raising Arizona" movie moment.... "Get me that Baby, HI."  There was no going back.

So,  I wrote this book (with the help of my two girls) 4 years ago or so.  The "Beast" has proven herself to be as funny, sweet, cute, and strong but most of all, more BRAVE than anything I could have ever expected from something that wasn't even yet 10 lbs.  From the moment I first laid eyes on her, she has proved to be the epitome of what I try to instill in my children... Strength with Sweetness.  Humor with Sincerity.  And mostly.... LOVE. 


~ Keri